Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How do you celebrate?

We are back to the Christmas posts. I'm really going to have to start posing more often to get all our fun adventures posted before Christmas.

For those keeping track…
Santa, check.
Christmas Lights, check.
Christmas Parade, check.

For those that know us well, Jace and I have really gotten into running/biking/etc. over the past few years. This is something I would love to pass on to Cohen. I love to run, and I really hope that one day we can run together.

I think that every holiday should be celebrated by a race. We chose to run the Celebration in the Oaks 2-mile run. I know, 2 miles is not very far, but when you have a 35 pound kid in a stroller, you have to keep the distances short.

Now a smart mom would have remembered her camera on an outing like this. Not me! I forgot mine at home! Thanks to Nan, Pops, and Trix for the great pictures!!

Go Team Raney!

 A few "after the race" photos. We were waiting to get into City Park's Celebration in the Oaks. (Oh and don't ever assume that because you are making a funny face in my picture that it won't make the blog...TRICIA! hehe!)

 Just before going into the park, we enjoyed a nice warm cup of cocoa.

Once we got into the park, we headed straight for Santa so we could get our picture. I can't share this picture because it is copyrighted, but take my word for it, it is very cute!

After we got our picture taken, we went to ride the horses...Cohen's favorite thing to do at City Park.  

It was great fun! Stay tuned for more Christmas fun!!! 


  1. Take a picture of the picture. Does that break copyrights?