Monday, December 13, 2010

Is that your house?

Ok. We are going to take a small break from all our Christmas fun. Don't worry, we will come back to it again later.

Yesterday, Cohen and I were playing in our back yard. Cohen loves to play outside!! And I love the fact that playing outside usually does not destroy the inside of my house, so I encourage outside play time.

Well, while we were outside, Cohen asked if he could get in Lucy and Ella's house. At first I said "no" because it seemed all wrong to have a kid in a dog house, but then I figured "why not?" So I told him to go right ahead, and he did.

When I asked "Cohen, whose house are you in?" He always said "Cohen's" so I guess Lucy and Ella will have to find another place to hide.

1 comment:

  1. Could Nan and Pops come visit you in your house? Looks like a neat place to stay when we sleep over!!!