Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What did Santa bring Cohen?

Prior to reading this, I'd like for you to read this. We need to keep reminding ourselves that Christmas is a time for giving, not getting. This post is our feeble attempt to teach Cohen about giving and to teach him about the gift that Christ gave him at Christmas.

Santa does indeed visit the Raney residence for Christmas, but prior to Santa's visit, Jace and I had a long talk with him about Cohen and how we wanted to celebrate Christmas. See, Santa is very understanding and he always follows the parents wishes when it comes to how to celebrate Christmas. We believe that everything Christmas related should have a connection to Christ. We explained that since Christ only got 3 gifts that first Christmas, we wanted Cohen to only get 3 gifts from Santa. We feel that if 3 gifts was good enough for Jesus, then it's certainly good enough for Cohen.

Also, we explained to Santa that Cohen still has friends on the other side of the world. We wanted him to limit Cohen to 3 gifts, so that Cohen's friends could get the things they need for Christmas.

Below is our tree on Christmas morning. On the left are the 3 gifts Santa brought to Cohen, on the right are the things he got from us.

Jesus received 3 specific gifts: Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. When we talked to Santa we said that we wanted his three gifts to represent the gifts Jesus received, so that when Cohen opened the presents, we could explain why he got what he got.

Frankincense and myrrh are both oils that were used in religious ceremonies. They were also put on the bodies of the dead, used as makeup, among lots of other things. Cohen's first gift from Santa was something for the spirit: a manger set. The second gift was something for the body: a new pair of shoes.

The manger set fulfilled Cohen's request for a donkey.

The last gift, gold, is something of value. Today, Cohen values toys, so Santa brought him one toy: a remote controlled car.

It was so kind of Santa to respect our wishes!

I hope that next year, you will sit with Santa and have him play an active role in presenting the real meaning of Christmas.

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