Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What did you do on Christmas Eve?

Jace and I both have lots of fun memories of our childhood Christmases. We were both lucky enough to live close enough to our families that we could spend the evening of Christmas Eve at our grandparents house with our Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc. Well, unfortunately, this is one Christmas tradition we simply cannot pass on to Cohen.

We live in LaPlace, and our families live in Baton Rouge and Farmerville. We simply were not able to go and have dinner at our grandparents house with the rest of the family and still have time to do all the things we need to do to prepare for Jesus' birthday and Santa's arrival. So we started our own tradition.

Our church hosted a candlelight service on Christmas Eve. I love that they do this. What a wonderful way to begin the official Jesus' Birthday Celebration! We got to sing Christmas songs and listen to the Christmas story. I also love that, even though we were not with our relatives, we were still with our family. Jace, Cohen and I do life with these people 365 days of the year, so it is only appropriate that we spend Christmas Eve with them.

After the service, we headed home to enjoy our first Christmas Eve as a family. We started the evening off with a birthday cake for Jesus. We only baked the cake on Christmas Eve, we decorated and ate it on Christmas day so stay tuned for more on the cake.

While the cake was baking, we took the fun outside. It is a tradition for my family that you pop firecrackers on Christmas Eve.

After the fire crackers, we got our bag of reindeer food for the backyard. I was hoping that by putting it in the back yard, Santa would park the sleigh there, and not on top of my house.

For Christmas, one of our neighbors gave Cohen a really cute stuffed reindeer. Jace and I kept explaining that the food we were tossing in the yard was for the reindeer. After we finished throwing all the food in the yard, we went back inside. About 2 seconds later, Cohen was beating on the back door saying he needed to go back outside. He had his stuffed reindeer in tow, so I opened the door and let him go back out. He put the reindeer on the ground and explained that he was eating the reindeer food. Too cute!

On Christmas Eve, I allow everyone to open one gift from under the tree. Of course it is a gift that I choose....and oddly enough, it was our Christmas pajamas!!

The last picture I took on Christmas Eve was of Cohen sleeping. I'm sure the sugar plums are dancing in his head.

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