Friday, December 3, 2010

What does Cohen think of Santa Claus?

Ah yes, the Christmas posts begin.

This week at Cohen's school, we had a very special guest come to visit. The one and only Santa Claus! I wasn't sure how Cohen would respond, because he usually gets all quiet and shy around people he doesn't know. I did my best to prepare him ahead of time. I took him to the toy store to look at toys, and every time he said "want it" I reminded him that he needed to ask Santa for it.

On Wednesday night, Cohen and I wrote the all important letter to Santa. We got the template from his teacher and it has four spaces for things that he wanted. So over dinner I started asking "Cohen, what do you want Santa to bring you?" He said "trees." By using the plural form of "trees" I figured he must want more than one, so I asked "how many trees do you want?" He said "five." So I wrote that down on his list...."5 trees."

I asked again, "Cohen, what do you want Santa to bring you this year?" After going back over his wish for 5 trees a few more times, I assured him that I had written it down and Santa would see that request. I continued to quiz him on this list until he came up with something else he wanted. He finally said "Donkey." Yep, my kid wants a donkey for Christmas. Why not a truck or a ball? So I wrote that on his list as well. As hard as I could, I tried to pull some other item for the wish list out of this kid, but he just repeated "5 trees" and "donkey" over and over again. I'm thinking he is going to need that donkey to help drag the 5 trees around the yard. Smart boy!

On Thursday, we took our list to school and Cohen got to meet Santa for the first time. Thursday was also Pajama Day at school, so of course, we wore our favorite pajamas to school that day.

Here we are waiting for our turn to meet Santa.

 First, Santa sang some songs with the kids. Cohen was just in awe.

Cohen was not afraid of Santa at all!

 He even mentioned that he wanted a donkey. So cute!


  1. PRICELESS!!! I LOVE the last photo where he's poking Santa on the nose. Santa's face is fab!

  2. Absolutely adorable!!! Can Nan and Pops get a copy of the last photo? I think that is the cutest Santa picture I've ever seen!!!