Friday, December 10, 2010

What is one of your favorite things to do during the Holiday Season? (Part 1)

Ah yes, more Christmas fun!

Since this is our first Christmas with a child, I feel as though we are responsible for setting all future traditions this year. Oh the pressure. Will he miss out on something important? Who knows?

So far we've checked meeting Santa off the list. Now on to viewing some beautiful Christmas lights. This is one of my very favorite things to do during the Holiday Season. I love going to see the beautiful things people can do with lights. We decided to go to Lafreneire Park with lots of friends.

I am going break this up into several posts (got the idea from The Pourciau Family). Way to many pictures for just one sitting.

Last Friday, we met up at Church to hear some wonderful Christmas stories from Mrs. Scarlett. She does such a great job keeping the stories interesting and making it fun for all the kids (and their parents).

Next we made the journey to Metairie. Now this drive usually takes about 30 minutes, but for us, it seemed like it took forever! The traffic was terrible, the entrance we used to get into the park last year was closed this year. In the end, it was all worth it!

We had lots of our friends join us that night, and that always makes everything more fun! I did not get a picture of Brandi Carr and her family, but they greatly helped the boy to girl ratio by bringing their three little boys! I did manage to get pictures of most of the little girls that joined us that night.

The Shanks Family, Micah, Heather and Lora.

The Guillory Girls, Kelly, Emma, Sadie and Talia.

The Raney Family, Jace, Emily and Cohen. (Cohen looks a little scared in this picture...not sure what is going on there).

I was actually taking the pictures for The Pourciau Family so you will have to check their blog for a family picture.

Of course, as mentioned before...I did not take any pictures of Brandi and her family. So sorry guys! I'll do better next year!!
There was one other family that joined us....The Safley Family. They are expecting another baby any day now, and Katie refuses to have her picture taken. I think she looks wonderful, but it's her choice. Fear not Safley's...I have some really cute pictures of your kids.

Cohen didn't really notice any of the lights, he only saw wide open spaces that looked like fun for running. Here is Jace trying to contain that boy. He's trying to make his escape.

There is a stage type area at this park, but no major productions planned for this our kids took it upon themselves to serve as entertainment for all the adults. It was really just mad chaos, but they were having fun!

Here are a couple of pictures I took during the madness. I know you can't even begin to see the wild running children in these pictures, but they are out there.

I love this picture of Lyons. This was taken just as his dad, Matt, said "Please stop licking the wall." Look at Cohen's face...he totally wants to lick the wall too!

I love this picture of Maddie Ann, Molly and Stella. They were turning Cille's stroller in circles so fast that my camera couldn't even keep up with them (of course, I'm no photographer...and it was the problems with this picture could result from user error). I should also note that Cille was not harmed in this event. She was safe in the arms of her father while the girls had fun with her stroller.

They had a group with tables and tents setup so that the kids could make ornaments and hang them on trees at the park. I thought this was a wonderful idea.

Here is my little artist working on his ornament.

The finished ornament, ready to go on the tree.

And here is Cohen hanging it on the tree. if you have made it this far without noticing the huge scratch on Cohen's face, congratulations, no need to read any further.

For those wondering about that giant scratch, Cohen fell earlier that day on the concrete while playing outside. I'm happy to report that his face is mostly back to normal now, and there will be no long term scars. I feel fairly certain that he will pay more attention to what he's doing outside from now on so that his feet stay under him and his face does not meet the concrete again.

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  1. awwww....we already miss you guys so much and this just makes me wish we could be back to join in all the fun!!! Happy for you guys to have some fun traditions :) Hope we will get to see you over the holidays.