Saturday, December 11, 2010

What is one of your favorite things to do during the Holiday Season? (Part 2)

After all the Christmas light viewing fun, a few of us decided that we had not had enough. Our kids were whining, and begging for blankets, loveys, pacifiers and such, but we went on. We decided to brave Cafe du Monde for some of the best beignets ever.

This is Cohen's first time to have beignets and you will see later what he really thinks about them.

I tried to get Cohen to take his picture standing next to the fish, but he was not interested. He will warm up to the fish later, but I love this picture of Sadie. She is such a beautiful girl and she was so great helping us take care of Cohen that night. I'm so happy she came!

The kids table (except Lora, she sat with her parents). Notice how Cille is in her stroller right next to the table. She was an absolute angel all night! For those keeping count, yes that is 7 girls and ONE boy!

Cohen's first look at the beignet. Not sure what to think just yet. Look how all the girls are just waiting for his reaction to the first bite. Oh the suspense is killing me!

I love this kid's expressions! He makes the funniest faces...and he loves attention. Having a table full of beautiful girls was exactly what he needed to put on a good show.

His first bite!

 He finished that beignet in just a couple of bites and turned around to us....

This is his sign language for "more." I think it's safe to say he LOVED the beignets.

Everyone eats their beignets differently. Cohen likes to lick all the sugar off the top and then eat the rest.

I told you he would warm up to that fish later. He was in such a good mood after all those beignets, that he told me to take his picture in front of the fish.

I told you Sadie was awesome! Look at that girl. She walked Cohen all the way to his car.

We had so much fun. I think we are going to have to add this to our list of Christmas traditions.

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  1. Love at First Bite!! Precious!!!