Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Going to Get Cohen (Part 10)

New Orleans 2/15/2010 11:14 PM
Vladivostok 2/16/2010 3:14 PM

It’s just me and Cohen today because Jace went out to do some sightseeing. The hotel is nice, but we are getting cabin fever. We can’t take the Cohen out yet because his paperwork saying he’s really ours has not come back yet….so someone has to stay here with him. Also, it’s really cold outside! They said that it’s too cold for snow. I didn’t know that was even possible. Supposedly it hasn’t actually snowed here for a few weeks, but everything is covered in snow. It’s so different from how things work in Louisiana.

Today has been interesting. It all started with a few royal fits because breakfast wasn't long enough, I wouldn't let him take a bath (that kid loves his bath), then because I tried to change his clothes, then because I tried to put socks on him. I can't help but laugh. He so funny when he gets mad. He lies on the floor and throws his arms and legs up and pulls his hair. It's so funny. I will have to video one of these fits eventually so you can see it....or maybe he'll be so gracious to show you one when we get home.

Cohen is finally warming up to me. Up to this point he really only wanted Jace. It was heartbreaking, but I understand this is all part of the process. After all his fits, this morning we played hide and seek and when he was hiding he would call out “mama.” It was so cute. I don’t think he was actually calling me, I just kept saying it over and over again, so he repeated after me.

He’s really picking up on English really well too! He understands a few commands and he knows “ball,” “block,” and “puppy.” He can’t say these words, but when I say “go get the ball,” he understands me and goes to get the ball. I can’t wait to see what he learns tomorrow.

When I went to lay him down for his nap, he didn’t even cry. We are making so much progress and we are having loads of fun. I hate that not everyone gets to experience this!

I forgot to write about this yesterday, but I went with the other lady from America to the grocery store and we left the dads and babies at the hotel. Everyone survived. I still get so nervous at the grocery store! I never know what to get and I’m always so confused when I get in there. It’s so different than our stores back home. Hopefully I got everything we needed.

Jace took a few pictures during his walk. Here are a couple of shots of the Vlad Inn where we are staying.

And here are a few shots from his walk.

We have no idea who this is...Jace took a picture of it, and now I posted it on the blog. Maybe you can figure out the history behind this guy.

This is a picture of the frozen bay. That piece of land that you see is actually an island. 

This is a park bench, that usually looks out to the beach area on the bay. No beach area today!

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