Sunday, February 13, 2011

Going to Get Cohen (Part 8)

New Orleans 2/13/2010 2:16 AM
Vladivostok 2/13/2010 6:16 PM

Well, things are going great here in Russia. Cohen is doing great. He loves to play! His favorite toys are the blocks we brought from home, and his dad’s watch. He also loves looking at all the picture books we brought.

So far, we have had a video chat with both families. First, Cohen got to meet Nan, Pops, Uncle Awesome and Aunt Trix. He smiled and laughed for them…so cute!

Then he met Meme, Big Al, Aunt Joani, Uncle Charles, Aunt Mitzi, Uncle Jamie, Mama Ginny, Alyssa, Ana and Mitch. The kids sang songs to Cohen….he loved it!

It’s really cool to see how far we have come with our technology. Jace, Cohen and I are in Vladivostok, Russia, but we can have a real-time video chat with our families back in Louisiana. Just a few years ago, this would not have been possible. There was a time when even a phone call home was not an option. My grandfather, Daddy Bruce, spent time on a navy ship in World War II, and Mama Ginny would go for long periods of time never hearing from him. I’m so happy that technology now allows us to speak to one another whenever we want!

Bath time last night was so much better than the night before. It was tons of fun! Cohen whined a little at first, but when we pulled out the bath time book from the Millet’s, he was so excited. The book has Bible characters, like Baby Moses and Jesus. They stick to the side of the bath tub, or in the book with the story for each character. His favorite is the fish from the story of Jonah. My favorite is Jesus, because the story in the book is where he walked on water, so I keep making Jesus walk on the water. We had lots of fun.

Cohen LOVES to eat! He is eating all sorts of baby food. We haven’t found anything he doesn’t love. The worst part of feeding him is when it is all gone. As soon as he realizes there is nothing left, he screams. We have been just taking him out of his seat and we just let him have his fit on the floor, where it is safer. They say this is normal for kids raised in institutions…they aren’t used to having an endless supply of food, so they want to overeat when they get the chance. We are trying to keep him from overeating, but these fits are the worst!

Tonight after dinner I gave him a little Russian cookie as dessert. He got down from the table with the cookie and didn’t cry. That was a little better. Hopefully his eating issues get better soon!

We did get out of the room today to go play in the snow. Cohen loved the snow and he loved being outside. It’s difficult not being able to tell what he’s thinking and not really being able to communicate with him, but I’m sure that will get better with time.

He got to wear the new snow boots Uncle Brian, Aunt Katie, and Katherine gave to him. He was so cute!!

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