Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is it Summer yet?

Ok. I know you are all patiently awaiting the blog posts from our first Raney Family Vacation to Blue Ridge, Georgia, but I took about 500 pictures and I'm currently in the process of picking and editing pictures from our trip...so stay tuned for that post.

Since yesterday was the first official day of Spring, I thought I would pose the question "Is it Summer yet?" For those of you living in or near Louisiana, you know the answer to this is "yes." School may still be in session, and the azaleas might have just started blooming, but if you check the temperature, you know that Summer is indeed upon us.

Last weekend, Uncle Awesome and Aunt Trix came to play with Cohen. He was super excited to see them. I decided that it was warm enough to turn on some water fun. Here are a few pictures of my boy playing in the water.

Taking a shower in the water.

Jace is probably going to get upset with me, but I'm posting a picture of him. I don't care. He was looking good that day!

After all that fun in the water, we all enjoyed a popsicle. Cohen requested that Uncle Awesome sit at his table with him. Too cute!

Later, Cohen came in and took a bath. After his bath, he proceeded to walk around the house and tell everyone that he was a "scary monster."  I figured this would be a great time to try on some hand-me-down halloween costumes. Check out my scary monster.

Scary monsters love to hid under blankets. If only the tail of that scary monster costume fit under the blanket.

Then next...Batman...Cohen's new favorite show. Ok, so it's not technically the superhero "Batman" but Cohen didn't really care.

Stay tuned for more fun dressup opportunities. Our friend, Stella, is going to have a big birthday party and all of Cohen's friends will be dressed as little princesses (because all of Cohen's friends are girls). Cohen will also be wearing a costume for this party...so stay tuned for that post as well.

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  1. ADORABLE!! Love the scary monster!