Monday, April 4, 2011

What state are we in now? (Raney Vacation 2011 - Day 4 - Part 2)

After leaving the Coca Cola Museum, we headed over to Imagine It! The Atlanta Children's Museum. Thanks to Target, the second Tuesday of each month is yes, we all got into the museum for FREE!

Cohen learned all sorts of wonderful things.

Like how to drive a bus with your feet.

And how to build sand castles.

How to milk a cow.

How to catch a fish.

What it feels like to be a fish.

Sometimes it's best to just use your hands and not the fishing pole. After this learning exercise, Cohen was covered in water.

How to climb a rope ladder (this will be a useful skill when he competes in a Warrior Dash in the future).

How it feels to be a box on a shelf.

He is learning lots of useful and practical things here...

After learning what it feels like to be a box on a shelf, he used his skills in packing and shipping boxes.

Overall it was a ton of fun. I think we spent about 4 hours at the museum. If you are in Atlanta on the second Tuesday of the month, this is a must do!

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  1. To be fair, Cohen already knew how to milk a cow, thanks to our demonstration with the rubber glove last summer. I love Mr. Jerry's face when Cohen is running over him!