Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What state are we in now? (Raney Vacation 2011 - Day ??)

Yes...I labeled this one day ?? because these pictures could have been taken any one of the days we were in Georgia.

As many of you know, Cohen has a very good friend named Stella. They go to the same church and school , they play together after school sometimes, and even some weekends they get to hang out together. So it was only fitting that we take a picture on our vacation in honor of Cohen's friend Stella.

Meet Stella....the horse.

I know what you are thinking..."how do you know the horse is named Stella?" Well we got it from her feed bucket.

Everytime we drove up the mountain to our cabin, we looked to see if Stella was outside, or if she was eating or if she would smile for the camera. The Stella we met in Georgia is beautiful, but we sure did miss our friend Stella while we were there.

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  1. Better than Stella the skunk from Over the Hedge. When Missy told Ethan that's what we were naming the baby he wrinkled his nose up and said, "Like Stella the Skunk?" I have to admit I had second thoughts.