Monday, May 2, 2011

How did you celebrate Easter? (Part 1)

Easter was a ton of fun around our house this year. We started off our Easter celebration a week before Easter at the Easter Egg Hunt at First Baptist Church in LaPlace.

I had to arrive early to help setup, so Jace was responsible for getting Cohen dressed and finding a basket. I guess I must have done a great job putting it away last year because Jace never could find it. Instead, Cohen had to use Jace's old Easter basket.

Cohen remembered exactly how this is supposed to work: pick up an egg, shake it to make sure there is something in it, then open it to find out what you got, then beg your mom and dad to allow you to eat it, then listen to mom and dad tell you over and over again to "go find more eggs."

Checking out his prizes.

I think he's pretty excited about Easter!

Later that afternoon, Nan and Pops stopped by for a visit. They brought more Easter fun with them.

He's ready for some grilling!

The Monday before Easter the local library held their annual Easter egg hunt. Cohen and I joined some of our friends for this fun event. They got to hear some fun Easter stories too!

This time he had his own Easter basket.

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