Monday, May 9, 2011

How did you celebrate Easter? (Part 3)

Easter weekend, Jace, Cohen, Lucy, Ella and I loaded up the van and headed to North Louisiana to visit my parents, Meme and Big Al. It was loads of fun!!

Our first task was dying Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt at the church on Saturday. This year, the organizers decided to make it a rule that all eggs brought to the Easter egg hunt had to be REAL!

 Once we made it to the church on Saturday morning, the first order of business was to tell the Easter story. They also explained the reason we were to bring real an example of a new birth in Christ. Christ died and rose again, offering us the gift of eternal life. They also had some baby turkeys (I think) to show that an egg, given the right circumstances, will grow into a baby turkey. Cohen did not love the turkey.

Next was the actual Easter egg hunt. As you can see, once again, we did not have Cohen's actual Easter basket. We stopped off at the dollar store on the way to the church and grabbed a beach bucket.

Group photo...Big Al, Cohen and Meme.

The last picture of the day...Cohen and Big Al on the motorcycle. This is the first time he's actually been brave enough to get close to the motorcycle. Even on the way to North Louisiana, he told me that he could not go near it because it was too loud. I guess he changed his mind.

We drove home on Saturday night so that we could celebrate Easter by worshipping at our church, First Baptist Church in LaPlace. Easter morning, Cohen found the gifts the Easter Bunny left for him.

Later that evening, we decided we needed to dye more eggs with Nan and Pops. We dyed over 3 dozen eggs!!  I must have been preoccupied by all those eggs that I did not take many pictures. Here are the few that I took that came out half-way decent.

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