Monday, May 23, 2011

Is the school year really over?

I can't believe that Cohen has officially finished his first year of school.

This year went by so fast! For his final day, I was fortunate enough that I got to spend most of the day with Cohen at school. It was so much FUN! For those that don't know, I've been substitute teaching at his school in the 3 year old class for a few months now (notice how I still call myself the sub...I never did consider myself the full time teacher, but we had a great year together!) Because of this, I was at school with Cohen almost every day for the last few months....including his last day.

The final day of school was Splash Day! The kids got to wear their swimsuits and play in the water! I wore my water friendly clothes (I was not about to put on a swimsuit to chase a 2 year old around the playground).

Cohen was very excited about playing in the water...but one of the best parts of the morning getting ready was when I told Cohen it was his last day at school and he looked over at me and grinned real big and said "Then I stay with you?" I'm so blessed to be able to tell him "yes." He was sad to leave his teachers and friends, but he wanted to stay with me. Oh I'm one happy momma!!

Headed to school for the last time!

Putting his bag in his cubby for the last time!

Now for some Splash Day fun. I'm not sure who had more fun with this stuff, me or Cohen. See I got to go out and play with the 2 year old class AND because I'm subbing for a 3 year old class...I got to go with them TOO! It was a blast!

As you can see, Cohen really enjoyed himself too!

Going together down the big slide...Cohen refused to let me hold him. He told me he was big enough to do it by himself...and so he did!

Giving his teacher, Mrs. Katie, a hug for the last time as her student. He also hugged his other teacher, Mrs. Jessi, but that picture came out bad, so I'm not posting that one.

For those that remember....Jace met us at school to walk Cohen to class for his first day in September. For his last day of school, Jace met Cohen at school to walk him out.

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  1. Got any pictures of Stella that I can borrow? I heard you had to escort her down the slide...