Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Did you earn your badge this month?

As you are probably well aware, Family Fun magazine is my favorite magazine ever.

They are running this series of articles where you can do a craft, game or experiment and earn a badge. The badge you can earn for June/July 2011 is the Backyard Fun Badge.

Cohen and I decided that we needed to earn this we selected our required craft and got to work. We chose to do the yard art. After selecting some very nice rocks from the flower bed in the back yard, we got to work.

Cohen's rocks turned out really cute!!

The finished rocks...

After they finished drying, we carefully placed them in the backyard.

It was really hot outside that day, and Cohen really wanted to swing and not stand next to rocks and pose for the camera.

After setting the rocks in the correct place, we went inside and rewarded ourselves with our first Badge of Fun for our Yard Art.

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  1. that is soo cute. I love that idea that they have badges you can earn. It is so creative. I can't wait to see when you guys earn all of them!