Sunday, June 26, 2011

Did you see any animals while you were at the zoo?

I love going to the zoo with people who are members of the zoo. When you have to pay each time you go into the zoo, you feel pressured to see as many animals as possible. If you are a member, you just go an enjoy the experience, even if you don't see many animals.

Just like Cohen and Cille, all of the sea lions at the New Orleans zoo were born in the month of June. We celebrated their birthday month by visiting the sea lion exhibit.

We had the priviledge of joining the Guillory girls and the Pouricau girls for this trip. Poor Cohen, I'm afraid most of the things we do during the summer months will be with lots of girls. As you can see, it was super humid that day, and my camera was still cold from the car ride, so all of my pictures with the sea lions came out super fuzzy.

Sadie and Cille...these girls are just so stinking cute!!

After watching the sea lions eat all those fish, we felt like we needed lunch too.

Next we headed to "the beach" as Cohen refers to it. It's actually a place to dig up ancient artifacts. The kids loved playing in the sand. For those planning a trip in the future...remember go to the sand first, then monkey hill. It's a great way to wash off all that sand. If you go to monkey hill first, then you just end up with really muddy kids.

I showed the kids how to make mud pies. Cohen wanted to swim in the sand.

Next on the agenda...Monkey Hill!! This was by far Cohen's favorite part of the zoo experience. Stella was a real pro on these rocks.

While Cohen allowed me to go with him to the top of Monkey Hill a couple of times, he really preferred going with Mrs. Scarlett.

I was ok with that, because while Cohen and Mrs. Scarlett went up the hill, I got to play at the bottom with some of the girls!

It was lots of fun! Can't wait to do it again. Maybe next time we will see more than just the sea lions. If not, oh was fun anyway! 

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