Saturday, June 25, 2011

Do you know how to make homemade ice cream?

This is yet another Family Fun idea. You need to just go ahead and order this magazine!

The other day, Cohen and I made our own homemade ice cream using this recipe.

It was super easy! The only problem we had was the bag got super cold. We put towels around the bags to shake them so our hands didn't get so cold.

The ice cream was very tasty! Cohen chose to add some sprinkles to his.


  1. Hi. I stopped by your blog earlier and left a comment on the Kid Car Wash. I had a question about that for you. I see you too made Ice Cream in a Bag. We did this last week too! And I also just love, love, love that magazine. What a lovely family you have. Keep in touch.

  2. Thanks a ton it is a very good support, now to make homemade ice cream? is definitely simple utilizing your guidance. Thanks