Friday, June 24, 2011

Do you know how to swim?

This past week, Cohen started swim lessons. He's taking lessons with Miss Kaylee at Elmwood Fitness. She's wonderful!

Cohen had a really rough first day. I tried my best to explain what was going to happen, and how Miss Kaylee was going to swim and play with him for a few minutes, but he was not happy. I ended up having to leave (but that was only after Miss Kaylee had to peel a screaming, clawing Cohen from my arms). He continued to cry for about 10 minutes. I know this because I hid near the pool and could hear him.

And just to show you that there is a God...just when I was about to call it quits and go get him and take him home, and older lady came to me and asked what I was doing (I'm sure I looked awful suspicious hiding near the pool area and looking like total creep while trying to check out the kids in the pool). Anyway, I explained that my son was the child screaming in the pool. She took a look at him, then proceed to tell me all about her children and grandchildren's experiences with swim lessons, and then she went into the importance of teaching your children to swim. She was such a blessing! Our conversation lasted all of about 2 minutes, and when I returned my focus to Cohen, he was laughing and playing with Miss Kaylee.

The next day was much better. He only cried for a couple of minutes, then I was able to stay and watch him swim. By Wednesday, there were no tears, only polite pleas to not go under the water. Miss Kaylee was just as polite when she said "How can you blow bubbles if you don't go under the water?"

On Wednesday, I brought my camera to catch a few shots of Cohen and his teacher.

I also got a video of him during swim lessons.

I also got a video of him later, at the splash pool. You will notice he's putting his hands above his head like he's going to dive. He overheard some of the other teachers teaching their kids how to dive, so he decided he would try. Fear not, Miss Kaylee is not teaching diving lessons just yet.

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