Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Don't you wish everyday could be a day at the beach?

Jace, Cohen and I celebrated Memorial Day with some of our good friends from LaPlace...The Safley's. Matt has family in Gulfport, MS, so we loaded up the van and headed over to visit with them and their family for the day.

We arrived after church on Sunday and headed straight for the pool. We stayed there until dinner time. It was so relaxing. After dinner, we loaded up all our kids and headed to the local beach. Mississippi beaches beautiful in their own way. The waves are very calm, which was great for Cohen's first trip. I didn't want the waves to knock him over and he never wants to go back.

His first time in the sand...

He was a real pro at running through the would have thought we were watching Baywatch in our spare time. In every picture where he is running, he also has his tongue stuck out. Too cute!

Evans stayed on the shore and enjoyed watching his brother, sister and Cohen play in the waves.

Lyons stayed on the shore keeping Evans company for a while, but once he saw how much fun Cohen and Mattie Anne were having, he just had to join in.

I just love this...they were playing so well together. Such sweet siblings!

You can't go to the beach without burying someone...right? Well Cohen was the lucky kid.

 Katie and Evans agree...the beach was lots of fun!

We stayed at the beach for about an hour and a half. That's the perfect amount of time to wear the kids out without getting totally tired of the sand and the water.

I only took pictures during our beach fun, but we stayed the night in Gulfport with the Safley's. The next day we spent our morning in the pool and then we went on a boat ride through the bay. It was wonderful!! It was Cohen's first real boat ride, and he loved that too!!

Thanks Matt and Katie for a great Memorial Day!!

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  1. How much fun is this! So glad Cohen enjoyed the beach!