Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How did Cohen do for his first haircut by mommy?

So as you know, I'm all about saving us some money lately. I like my current employment status (which is as a full-time stay at home mom) and that means we need to cut some costs. I was talking to a friend of mine, Katie Safely, and she mentioned that she cuts her boys' hair herself. Well, if Katie can do it, then so can I, right?

Cohen really just needed the hair around his ears trimmed, because it was starting to hang over a bit. I didn't want to go too drastic for his first haircut with me, in case something went very wrong. I wanted there to be enough hair left on his head that a professional could fix it if need be.

So prior to the actual cutting event, Jace and I took Cohen to wal-mart to pick out some clippers. He helped us select them (by dancing up and down the aisle of the store, singing random VBS or Veggie Tales songs...and eventually he fell over and took a fingernail to the eye, as you can see in the pictures below). I really wanted to do this myself because Cohen doesn't love going to the barber and after lots of talks with him, he was begging me to just cut his hair for him.




It's not perfect. I can see places where I messed up a bit. And he never really did hold his head down well enough for me to get a close cut on the back of his head. But for the first time, I think I did pretty good.

Cohen did really good, considering the circumstances. I was very slow and I think towards the end he just got impatient and tired of sitting still. Also, there were little pieces of hair all over his neck, which itched a lot.

So, next time it will be Jace's turn! Get ready!

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  1. Well, from the pictures it looks like he loved it! I may want you to cut MY hair next time if it's that fun!