Thursday, June 23, 2011

How would you create some "fizzle fun?"

When I mented to my Mother-in-Law, Mrs. Jan, that I was planning on keeping Cohen home next year and homeschooling, she immediately went through closets and drawers to find anything that she used for her boys when they were home together.

She gave me this really neat little box called "Sweet Pickles." It was published by Weekly Reader in 1981, so it's pretty old (hehe). They don't make it anymore, so if you want one, you will have to hope someone is selling one on e-bay. I'm not selling mine copy, so don't even ask.

Anyway, this "Sweet Pickles" is basically a box full of little cards. The cards contain games, crafts, stories, and experiments for preschoolers. I decided to do one of the experiments last week with Cohen. We created "Fizzle Fun" and learned how gas is created.

Materials Needed:
Soda or other clear bottle
Baking Soda

Cohen was a huge help. I had him hold the funnel, and I added all the vinegar first (about 1 inch). Then a few seconds later, I added the baking soda (about a tablespoon). Then I told Cohen to move the funnel, real fast, and I put the balloon on top.

In this picture, you can actually see my "Sweet Pickles" card sitting on the table. They gave us a really cute story to read with this experiment and some suggestions on how to explain the experiment with preschoolers.

We did the experiment several times. A few times, I broke the balloon while trying to put it on the bottle.

It was lots of fun! Can't wait for our next "Sweet Pickles" experiment.

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  1. Love it! Our little scientist!