Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What did Cohen's birthday cake look like?

Amazing! His cake was so cute!!

Check out his cake from last year here. We are following a long tradition for our birthday cakes. See, when Jace was little, his dad always baked his birthday cake. He did everything from baking the cake to decorating it. Jace has decided that this tradition should continue with Cohen....so Jace made Cohen's cake....take a look!

Here is Cohen, waiting patiently for his cake and the birthday song.

He loved the cake!

Since Jace baked the cake and decorated it, I allowed him to also select where the candles should go. So of course he would put them in his nose.

Hours later....after the cake has been enjoyed by all...Cohen came back for seconds.


I just love that kid!!!

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  1. SO CUTE!!! I am super impressed!!! Maybe Jace would consider going into some sort of joint partnership cake-baking business with me? :) He could run the LaPlace franchise.