Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What do the boys do while Mommy is away?

Cohen got a little bug last week. Friday he was running a low fever, so on Saturday he was not able to attend Cille's birthday party or the Father/Child Wacky Tacky Dinner at the church. Since Jace is off work on Saturdays and the best Father on the planet, he offered to stay home with Cohen while I attended Cille's party and the Wacky Tacky Dinner. (I should mention that the dinner was hosted by the FBC LaPlace Children's Ministry Team and I am a team member. I'm not just some strange girl who showed up at this father/child dinner. I served salad, and it was yummy!)

While at the Wacky Tacky dinner, I got a few strange text messages from Jace. I always wonder about those boys when they are left alone.

Jace: Would you pick up some milk and seltzer water on your way home?
Jace: Oh and do we have any string?
Jace: What time is wacky tacky over?
Emily: Seltzer water? String?
Emily: 7:30pm
Jace: Don't worry about the string but please get the seltzer and milk.
Jace: Do you want me to feed the boy?
Emily: Yes. Please feed our son. I'll be home shortly.
Emily: What is seltzer?
Emily: Club soda? Tonic Water?
Emily: Carbonated Water?
Jace: Carbonated Water.

So of course, at the end of this text message conversation, I was asking myself, "What in the world are those boys doing at home?" By this point they have been home alone for most of the day. What would you possibly need string, milk, and seltzer water for?

The answer to the string issue...Jace had planned to make soup can phones, but since they didn't have strings, they made this instead...

As for the other things, Jace got his hands on my latest issue of the Family Fun magazine. I'm not the only one in this family that loves that magazine. The boys decided to make Egg Creams, a soda shop classic. You take 1/3 c. cold milk, 3 T chocolate syrup (or a couple spoonfuls of the powder), and cold seltzer.

Cohen really wanted to like this drink. He tried his best, but he does not love carbonated drinks, so the carbonated water in this drink was too much for him.

When I got home, Cohen couldn't wait to show me the "noculars" he made. Then, because I was taking so many pictures of him and his egg cream, he decided he needed to take a picture of me.

Stay tuned, more of Cohen's photography coming soon.

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