Thursday, June 16, 2011

What is a "kid wash"?

We had been planning Cohen's 3rd birthday party for a while when I saw this in my Family Fun magazine.

I immediately printed it out and brought it to my Father-In-Law, because I knew he could build it. I wanted Cohen's party to be lots of fun water games, but nothing I had to organize or work. This was perfect! Mr. Jerry got the entire thing put together in a few days and brought it to the party for all the kids to enjoy. It was a huge hit! The kids LOVED it! I think there may be more kid washes at future birthday parties.

Jace helped set it up...but all the credit for this wonderful attraction must go to Mr. Jerry! Thanks Pops for the Kid Wash!

All put together and ready to wash some kids.

As you can see, Cohen loved it!

Mrs. Scarlett was taking was such a hot item at the party you had to get a ticket to go through.

Aaron loved it....

Sarah loved it...

Stella loved it!

Molly loved it!

There were LOTS of other kids at the party that had LOTS of fun in the kid wash...I guess I just didn't get their picture (or the picture I got was not very good...I'm not a professional photographer!)  It was a huge hit.

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  1. Did your father drill the holes into and and then out of the pipe, or just into one side?