Friday, June 17, 2011

Who had more fun on the water slide? (The Adults)

Now it's the "adults" turn. See, us adults had been watching the kids (mostly Aaron Millet) do all these fun tricks on the slide, and we just couldn't take it anymore. We had to give it a try. I went first.

I had to use my hands for support the first time, because I don't just do flips everday. (In this can see my teacher, Aaron, keeping a close eye on me).

But after one try, I got it!

Then Jace followed...

Later Damon gave it a try! He did a great job!!

And when flipping down the slide wasn't challenging enough....the boys decided to jump over the back of the slide...

There are more pictures...Scarlett and Madison flipped as well...but I got mostly rear in those pictures and I've decided not to share those in hopes that no pictures of my big rear show up on other people's blogs (hint, hint, Pourciau family!).

So you tell me....who had more fun?

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