Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who had more fun on the water slide? (The Kids)

I ask "Who had more fun?" because the kids and the "adults" had a lot of fun on the you can decide who had the most fun!

I'll start with the kids (get ready for some pictures!)

Just like last year, we rented a large water slide for Cohen's Birthday Party.

Before we get to pictures of just the water slide, I wanted to share one picture of all the fun water activities setup in my backyard.  In this picture, you can see the water slide, kid wash, and pool.

Now for pictures of the slide. Of course, we let Cohen go first.

Then he let me join him. (I know what you are thinking...Isn't this an adult having fun on the slide? and weren't you going to show those pictures later. Oh just wait! The adults get crazy later!!)

And now pictures of Cohen's friends having fun on the slide...

I especially love this picture....can you tell us "adults" are enjoying ourselves...oh just wait! This is nothing!

The Raney Train!

Well...I think the kids loved it. The party started at 10am, and the last guest left around 5pm. The Millet boys loved it so much, they left the party, then came back around 6:30pm for even more fun! We were all burnt and wore out, but it was so much fun!

A special young lady is going to be celebrating her first birthday very soon, so we get to have more fun in the water at her party. Can't believe Cille is a year old already!!

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