Friday, July 29, 2011

Did you earn your Hit the Road Badge?

Cohen and I are working our way through the Family Fun Badges of Fun. We painted rocks to earn our first badge and we had so much fun with that we decided to keep this thing going.

This month the theme is "Hit the Road." The magazine offered some fun ways to plan for a long trip in the car. They gave us three differnt ways to earn the badge: Organize your Car, Games for the Car, or Snacks for the Car. If you have ever met my son, you know this is an easy choice for him...SNACKS!

We decided to make their Cookie and Milk Bars (or Hang Bars as Cohen kept calling them). I went to our local store to pick up the ingredients, and couldn't find half of them. Then I went to another store and had the same we improvised. Instead of chocolate graham crackers, we used chocolate covered graham crackers. Instead of plain granola, we used almond flavored granola. I do not love nuts in my food, so we omitted the walnuts/pecans.

They were not too beautiful, but they were yummy.


  1. Yummy!!Cohen is so much fun!!!

  2. We made those too! And we also left out the nuts. I must say though yours looked much prettier than mine, ours ended up looking like clusters instead of squares :)