Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How do you tell someone "I miss you very much"?

Jace left on Saturday for Youth Camp. Prior to leaving, Cohen and I had some fun putting together some little packages for Jace. I packed 5 envelopes (one for each day) with a note, some drawings from Cohen, and some yummy snacks.

Below is the write up and picture from each day.

Day 1

Prior to you leaving, Cohen and I had some fun with some of your stuff! I explained that you were leaving for Youth Camp, and you would be gone for a few days. I told him that he was in charge of doing all the things Daddy normally does, while Daddy is gone. I asked Cohen “What does Daddy do for us?” Over the next few days, you will see what Cohen thinks you do. I helped come up with the first one...but the rest were all his ideas!

We love you!

Day 2

After I explained that you take out the trash for us, Cohen said, “Daddy cooks.” He’s are a great cook and we appreciate the yummy meals you fix for us! Next time you cook a meal for us, please do the cooking with your tongue stuck out, just like Cohen!

We love you!

Day 3

So, after slaving over a yummy meal, I asked again, “what is something else Daddy does for us?” Just then a fun song came on Pandora, and he began to do his air guitar. I told him he was right...Daddy does play the guitar. He was super excited to get to hold your guitar, but don’t worry, I stayed close by.

We love you!

Day 4

After a lovely tune on the guitar, I asked again “what else does Daddy do for us?” Cohen walked around our room and saw your uniform laying on the floor (not in the dirty clothes basket...another discussion for another day). Anyway, he said “Daddy goes to work.” And he’s right! You work very hard so Cohen and I can spend our days playing together and we are very grateful for that!

We love you!

Day 5
Once again, I said “Cohen what else does Daddy do?” He had just finished his chicken nuggets and yogurt and he knew it was time for HIS nap, but he said “Daddy takes naps.” We both know you don't normally take naps, but you do sleep here! I put Cohen in your spot in our bed and said “how does Daddy sleep?” Just like this.
We love you!

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  1. What a marvelous way to send messages to someone at youth camp!!