Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How well do you obey?

This week, in our Character Development portion of our curriculum, Cohen is learning what it means to be obedient. We are studying who we should obey and why we need to obey them.

We are also learning that it's important to obey the first time. If only we could all get this concept! I can't tell you how many times God has asked me to do something and I've put it off, and put it off, and then he uses his loving and Godly discipline to make me do what's right. I'm hoping that through some of our exercises this week, Cohen will learn a little more about how to obey his Heavenly Father too.

I setup a chart system. As mentioned earlier, I'm pretty sure my child is a visual learner (maybe all preschoolers are...I don't know...I'm only studying one right now). So I put this chart up in the kitchen and I attached his favorite candy to it.

The idea is to have him put a sticker in a box each time he does what I asked, the first time, with no backtalking, huffing, puffing, griping, whining or complaining. I printed a trophy in the last box to show that's when he gets his prize. Once the boxes are all full of stickers, he gets to eat his ring pop.

I can't even begin to tell you what a difference this little chart has made in our house. I'm not going to lie and tell you that he's obeyed everything I've said, but there is definetly a difference.

If you are interested in doing this in your own home, I've saved a copy of the Publisher 2010 version of this chart online here. You will probably just want to change the name (unless, of course, your child is named Cohen).


  1. Great idea! I just sent this to the hubs for consideration. Question though - how do you intend to transition him from expecting candy for obedience? (I know that's down the road...) Not a criticism at all - just trying to think it through for us as well.

  2. Great question, Megan. I'm planning on going at this similar to how I went at potty training. When I first started potty training, Cohen got a m&m or animal cracker EVERYTIME he went in the potty (along with a lot of praise). Then I worked on giving him only praise instead of cookies and candy. (A year after being fully potty trained, Cohen sometimes still gets a treat for going to the potty).

    So for this exercise...I'm going to give rewards heavy at first. A sticker each time, then a treat after a few stickers. Then he will get fewer stickers, more praise and high-5's. Later on, when I feel like he's got the concept, then it will be only praise, with an occasional treat.

    I do however intend to continue to reward him occasionally when he keep him on his toes. I may give him a sticker or a dollar to spend at the store. I'd like for him to see how happy it makes me, and for him to want to do it because it pleases me. I'm really trying to teach the it pleases God when we obey, and so you are correct...we should never expect a reward from God simply because we obey His commands, but sometimes he drops a little blessing in our lap just for the fun of it.

    Thanks for the question! Hope this helps. Let me know if it works for you!

  3. Wonderful plan. I use "Caught You Being Good Tickets" at school and the students can "cash" them in on candy or a trip to the treasure chest. I prefer rewards to punishment if it will work!!