Sunday, July 31, 2011

What does a cricket taste like?

You will need to ask Cohen this question....he now knows.

This past week, Cohen and I invited Nan (Jace's Mom aka: Mrs. Jan Raney) to go with us to the Audubon Insectarium. When Katie Safley told me that kids get in free on Tuesdays (with paying adult), I decided I couldn't put off this trip any longer. And, I could wrap it into an educational field trip because we were going to learn about Ants that day as well. Also, I hate bugs, so it was necessary that Nan join us just in case there were some bugs loose in the building...she would be responsible for making sure Cohen and I made it out of that place safely!

Below are a few pictures from our experiences at the Insectarium.

Driving the LOVE BUG!

Each week we have a animal alphabet buddy that goes along with our preschool curriculum. Our alphabet buddy this week is Alexander Alligator. Prior to actually making it to the Insectarium, Nan told Cohen there would be an alligator as soon as we walked through the doors, he was asking for the alligator. We couldn't get him to actually look at any bugs until he got to see the alligator.

They had some small aligators in a fish tank, but this was Cohen's favorite.

Next, we headed to the bug eating area. Cohen was the only one brave enough to actually eat a bug. He had a cricket baked in a cookie. I tried my best to tell him what he was about to eat in hopes he would change his luck. He LOVED it and asked for more!

I think that is just absolutely discusting!

 Another fun place is the Butterfly room. We did not realize we were not supposed to touch the butterflies.

It was a lot of fun, but I think this particular museum is geared for older children. We went on a day that every children's camp in the area decided to go as well, so it was packed! We stayed only about an hour and if you ask Cohen what his favorite part of the museum was, he will gladly say "the stinky bug." If you go, please stay for the movie and you will understand why Cohen loved that particular part so much!

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