Saturday, July 30, 2011

What starts with the letter A?

Cohen and I are finally at the part of our homeschooling curriculum that we are learning letters. This week, the letter was "A." We started our week with some fun with apples. We ate apples and applesauce, we drew pictures of apples, we sang songs about apples, and we read Blueberries for Sal  (which has nothing to do with apples, except they are both fruit). We also learned about Adam and how he choose to disobey God by eating the wrong fruit (I realize it was Eve that ate it first, but we are working through a devotional book for boys, and they really focus on the male characters of the stories and I'm ok with that). And we did all of this on Monday!

I'm trying to devote 45 minutes to an hour each day to homeschooling. Monday we went about an hour and a half, because apples are just so much fun!

I'm not going to share pictures of EVERYTHING we did on Monday (because I didn't take pictures of everything), but we did a really neat craft and I wanted to share this.

We painted with apples. Did you know that if you cut an apple in half horizontally there is a star in the center? I didn't know this until we did this craft. I cut up two apples, one vertically and one horizontally, and let Cohen use them as stamps.

I was willing to go overboard with the paint to make sure we got the full shape of the apple, but Cohen chose to be you can't really see the star, but it's there.

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  1. I've always thought that even if Eve did eat the fruit first, it's not like she forced it on Adam. He made a choice to disobey as well. She didn't sneak it into a pie or anything. So there's a lesson in making our own choices and accepting ('A' word!) responsibility for our wrong choices in that story. :)

    Also, i found it hysterical that my word verification for this post is "gorib" - Go Rib! (adam & eve - yes, i am a dork...)