Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why are you keeping the beanbag chair?

Today I'd like to shed the spotlight on the most loyal, fun-loving, lazy, and caring living creature in the Raney home....our black lab, Lucy.

Lucy will be 8 years old in October, but if you take out a flash light, laser pointer or just the reflection of your iPhone on the ceiling, she will act just like a puppy...trying to chase the light.

Today, I'm not really showing that side of her. I'm showing the lazy side. Jace and I actually refer to her as Lazy Lucy, and any time you get kisses from her, they are referred to as Lazy Lucy Licks, because she's so slow with her kisses, but I feel like that makes her kisses so much more precious. Like she's putting more thought into it.

For years I've tried to convince myself (and Jace) that we do not need a huge black beanbag chair from Jace's college days. It leaks out tiny beans and a fine white powder everytime someone sits on it, but for some reason, we've held onto it all these years. I think I realized today just why I can't get rid of it....because it is Lucy's favorite spot in the entire house.

That dog loves that as long as she wants it, I'll keep it!

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