Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How can I create a more independent child?

I've been working with Cohen over the past few weeks so that he can be more independent. I'm trying to teach him to be more responsible and to take care of his things.

Beginning this week, his job every morning is to feed Lucy and Ella. They may not be too happy about this, because it takes him a little longer than it takes me, but he's still responsible for making sure it gets done.

Each day he's also responsible for putting away all his toys, dirty clothes, and dishes. This week I also started letting him help unload this dishwasher. I noticed that he was having to use the chair to reach every one of the cabinets that had his dishes in them, so we moved them this week.

I cleaned out one of my bottom kitchen cabinets and loaded it full of sippy cups, plastic bowls, plastic plates and our craft trays. All the things in this cabinet are "Cohen friendly" so after loading it with his things, I removed the child lock from that one cabinet.

Here is Cohen with his new cabinet. (Please excuse his outfit, it was still early in the day, and when we stay home all day, there are some days we just don't get dressed until noon...maybe this was one of them).

Now, not only can Cohen unload all his dishes from the dishwasher, he can also help set the table, fix himself a drink, or get his craft trays out during craft time.

My little boy is growing up!!

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