Thursday, August 11, 2011

How was Jace's triathlon in Shreveport?

Last weekend Jace competed in the River Cities Triathlon in Shreveport, LA. The three of us drove up to Shreveport on Saturday morning, the race would take place on Sunday. I decided to contact our college friends, Keith and Lisa McGee, and see if they would have dinner with us. I was super excited when they agreed, because I had not yet met their newest addition, Levi, and I really wanted to see their 3 year old, Liam (as well as these adorable boys parents). It was a great dinner, if you could get past the hour long wait in the Chili's entryway.

As a blogger, I should have known better than to not bring my camera to this event. I have no pictures to share, only stories. Liam is an angel. He shared his toys with Cohen (even when Cohen was being totally shy and wouldn't talk to him). Levi slept most of the evening, but he managed to sleep while looking like a total doll. Such cute kids! Now, Cohen....he was not the most social child. Well that is until he got his sweet tea. (I can see you moms right now, rolling your eyes at me for serving my 3 year old sweet tea. Stop that now! He was given sweet tea in a bottle in Russia and I have no plans of forcing him to kick that habit now. He loves the stuff!). Anyway, he drank the entire glass of sweet tea in about .2 seconds, then turned into the Cohen we all know and love. While waiting for our food, he sang songs, played air guitar, talked, and talked and talked. Oh yes, my boy totally came out of his shell that night!

I hated to leave our friends that night, but I knew that we needed to get back to our hotel room and get some sleep. We all had a busy day the next day.

Our 5am alarm was WAY to early (especially since Cohen usually doesn't get up until 8am). We got to the park in plenty of time to enjoy our cherry pop tarts and chocolate milk in the parking lot. Jace went ahead and took his bike and gear to setup his transition area for the race. Cohen and I stayed behind to get the chairs, ice chest and stroller. I put the ice chest and chairs in the stroller, and Cohen walked beside, in front, or behind me and all the gear (I ran over him several times because he just wouldn't pick a place to walk....geez.). Anyway, halfway to the transition area, Cohen got stung! My poor baby got stung on the nose by what I believe was a yellow jacket. He screamed, I dropped chairs, ice chest, stroller, and ran toward him. I saw him swatting at his face and I immediately knew what had happened. 

After I had him somewhat composed, I abandoned my stuff, put him in the stroller and went to find Jace. Since this was the first time he's been stung, I had no idea whether he was allergic or not. My plan was to tell Jace what happened, load up my stuff, and head to the emergency room. Once I found Jace, he calmed me down. We went to the medical tent, but they were no help. If Cohen had fallen and busted his head open, they had exactly what we would have needed. But they had nothing for a sting. The kind medical attendant gave us some antibacterial stuff, and a band aid (which fell off about 30 seconds later).

Here is Cohen, about 10 minutes after the bug got to him. His nose is already swelling, but that face. Oh don't you just want to cry. I did, then I took a picture.

Jace told me to watch him and if it got to swelling big, to leave immediately and take him to the hospital. I watched closely, but that was not necessary. Cohen is not allergic to whatever stung him. He is however a huge baby. He proceeded to scream for the next 1.5 hours. No I'm not kidding. I was very sympathetic for about 30 minutes, but when I saw no end in sight, I had to give up and find other ways to help him. I offered drink, snack, and ice with no luck. Cohen wanted nothing to do with any of that. I offered to hold him (so long as he didn't scream in my ear), no luck. I finally just put him in the stroller and covered him with a beach towel. See the problem wasn't so much the pain, it was the fear of being stung again. The towel helped a bit.

We watched Jace start the race, from a distance so that we wouldn't scare the racers with Cohen's constant screaming. After the race started, I headed back to the place when I left all my stuff. Just my luck, it was all covered in ants. See, Shreveport (and all of North Louisiana) is having some major drought issues and the bugs were terrible. The ants were everywhere. I dusted off the chairs as best I could, but the ice chest was a lost cause. Once the ants got inside, they died, so I just left them in there. They couldn't get inside our water, and I wasn't about to toss my ice chest and the only water I brought with me that day (did I mention that it was like 110 degrees outside!). I actually dusted ants off a couple bottles and shoved the cold bottles in the stroller with Cohen in hopes that he wouldn't get too hot under the towel.

Our friend Damon Pourciau came out to watch the race. He took a few pictures of Jace starting the swim, and then my camera battery died. Yes, this day just got worse. HA! So I have no pictures of Jace on the bike or running...but take my word for it, he looked GREAT! He did a wonderful job and finished in great time.

Jace is in the picture below...can you find him?

Now that the day is over, I can look back and say I learned a lot that day. I need to carry something to help with stings with me at all times...or have a good backup plan.

At the end of the race, Cohen was out! He got up at 5am, cried for 1.5 hours, and was scared for his life for about 4 hours out at the park. I was so happy to finally see him peaceful!

Damon was gracious to take some video of Jace on race day. Please excuse my screaming...I had no idea how annoying my voice could be. Jace did an AMAZING job at the race! Also notice how Cohen did manage to get out of his chair at the end of the race to offer Jace some of his trail mix.

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