Thursday, August 25, 2011

What is the biggest lifestyle change you've made since becoming a triathlete?

Yes. I do consider myself a triathlete. I'm a lot of things...and after successfully completing two triathlons I'm going to consider myself a triathlete!

Last weekend, Jace and I met some of our good friends, The Safley's and The Pourciau's, in Lafayette to compete in the MPCS Triathlon. Jace did this race last year and loved it, so we gathered a group of our closest friends to join us this year.

Our lives are so different now than they were a couple of years ago. I'm going to share some footage of the race, but first I wanted to share a little something that Jace wrote. In May 2011, USA Triathlon Magazine asked "What is the biggest lifestyle change you've made since becoming a triathlete?" and Jace submitted a response. He never heard anything back from them, so he just assumed he wasn't picked to be published, but a few days ago he got a call from a friend of his informing his that he read his comment in the magazine. We just so happen to subscribe to the magazine, so Jace pulled out his Summer 2011 edition, and sure enough, his comment was there.

Here is a picture of his comment in the magazine...


What a great comment! We are so very different. Jace and I used to spend our free time watching TV or whatever (to be honest, I don't even remember what we did in our free time....obviously it was super important). Now days, our free time is spent running, biking, swimming, training, playing, racing, and mostly just moving. And for most of these activities, Cohen is right there with us, so it's really a family thing.

I love being a triathlete.

Ok, now for some MPCS Triathlon stories. The 6 of us were supposed to do this race together (well, against each other, but together). Unfortunately, Damon injured himself a week prior to the race and was unable to use one of his arms (therefore unable to swim or bike) so he sat out and cheered for the rest of the group (he also caught some of the race on video).

Note...Damon's wife is Scarlett, so it would only be fair for him to video her and anyone else who may be around there is no footage of Jace running this race (because he's super fast and was no where near any of the rest of us). There is very little footage of me because I listed my swim time as shorter than Scarlett's and I started before she did. There is a little footage of me running near the end of this video.

This race was supposed to be 200 yd swim, 8 mile bike, 2 mile run. I'm pretty sure the run was about 1.5 miles....but we all ran the same distance, so I guess it doesn't matter that much.
Jace finished the race in 43:30 (in 2010 he finished in 49 minutes...what a great improvement!)
I finished in 53:30...and placed 5th in my age group (25-29)...Yay!

This is a great race. I saw lots of families doing this race together...what a great way to spend a weekend.

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