Monday, August 29, 2011

What is a "Celebrate Plate?"

A few weeks ago, my college roommates and I met for our annual girls trip in Shreveport, LA. We went to Shreveport because one of the girls in the group was very pregnant and we didn't want to take her far from home or her doctors.

Anyway, while we were on our trip, we were looking for fun things to do that took place inside (because this is Louisiana and it's HOT) and did not require much walking. We opted to paint some pottery.

Earlier this year, during a Bible study at church, the Bible study leader mentioned that they have a plate at their home that is only used for special days. I thought this was a great idea, because we have lots of days that we celebrate (with an adopted child, he has several special days....some kids only have a birthday, not Cohen....he has a "Meetcha Day," "Gotcha Day," "Welcome Home Day," as well as the usual birthdays and such). I decided that for our pottery painting I would paint our "Celebrate Plate."

I actually got the plate a month ago, but no one has had a special day yet, so Jace's birthday was our first chance to use it.

Jace turned 31 this year. In honor of his big day, Cohen and I baked a cake...not just any cake...we baked Jace's Favorite Cheesecake!

Cohen's favorite part of making sweets is tasting the yummy stuff along the way...

After baking the cheesecake and waiting for it to cool a bit, I took out our special "Celebrate Plate" for the birthday boy.

We had lots of fun blowing out the candles (4 candles because Jace is 31 and 3+1=4) and eating the cake! Cohen did a great job with his first cheesecake.

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