Thursday, August 4, 2011

What starts with the letter B? I'm starting off strong with blogging about each letter, but I'm sure that will end soon. Enjoy it while it lasts.

This week we are learning about the letter "B." Cohen's middle name starts with a B, and for 20 months, his first name started with that letter, so B is very important to us (by the way, his middle name is Bogdan, which was his name in Russia).

We started off with a fun Bee craft. This is a simple constuction paper craft.

The next day we learned about butterflies. I taught Cohen about how butterflies start off as caterpillars then they go into a chrysalis (or cocoon) then they turn into beautiful butterflies. I can read this stuff to Cohen all day, and we did read several books about the transition from caterpillar to butterfly, but the best way to learn this lesson is to act it out...right?


Cocoon (or in this light, mummy).

Breaking out of the cocoon.

Then a beautiful butterfly.

The next craft we did was a butterfly craft. I took a piece of cardstock (construction paper would work as well), and some crayola fingerpaint (in the squirty tubes).

Cohen squirted the paint on one side of the piece of cardstock. Then we took the cardstock, folded it in half, and squished the paint really good. Give the piece lots of time to dry (or limit the amount of paint you use on the paper), then cut the paper in the shape of a butterfly. I cut a piece of black construction paper to use as the body of the butterfly.

The finished product. I think this may be one of the most beautiful craft project we have done yet.


  1. 2 things-- first, the butterfly is awesome!! second, it looks like cohen is getting pretty close to winning his ring pop!! go cohen with the good behavior!!!! i heart him-- we need to plan a get together :)

  2. Beautiful!! Our first unit is insects and 4th grade will have to do this project in art.

  3. Great job Emily. By the way, Christen is doing her first report on butterflies! You can order painted lady butterflies from "Earth'" and watch the whole process of metamorphesis first hand. We did this when Samuel was in pre-K and just ordered them again today. They will arrive in September.
    Happy Homeschoolong!

  4. Barber, baby, bubbles, and a bumblebee?