Friday, August 12, 2011

What starts with the letter C?

Yes, another blog about school and Cohen learning his letters.

I have to be honest...I wasn't sure how this homeschooling thing would go for us. This week is our 6th week at school, and so far, so good. Cohen actually asks when school is going to start each morning (I make him wait until 9am). I think he's enjoying himself and I love spending the days with him!

This week we are learning about the letter "C." Again, this is a special letter, because Cohen's name starts with C.

Our alphabet animal this week is after learning all about cows, we did a little cow craft. I think Cohen's little thumb prints make really cute cows!

From 2011

Next, we learned about cars by reading an Eyewittness Book about Cars. I strongly recommend these Eyewittness books. They have a book on almost any subject and the pictures are wonderful! They showed pictures of all different types of cars, engine parts, headlights through the years, etc.

 We learned to write the letter C. I read about doing this online. I write a really big "C" on a paper and Cohen goes over my "C" with every color in the color cup. He has to go over it about 10 times. After he's done we have a beautiful rainbow letter C.

The next craft we did was painting with cars. Cohen was totally thrown off when I put the car in the paint, but he loved this craft.

The finished project. Next time I do this I will limit the painting to two colors, so that it doesn't turn out brown.

The second day of school this week, Cohen and I got a special treat! Our friend Mattie Anne came to spend the day with us. I debated as to whether or not to do school with her here. I was thinking we may just play all day, but then I decided to just go with it and have school while she was here. I think she enjoyed her day in the Raney school.

I printed out a paper, from Word, with lots of letters and had the kids use bingo markers to mark the C's. Mattie Anne did a great job! Cohen got off a little and managed to mark a few extra letters, but he did get all the C's.

The next exercise was drawing. I've done this with Cohen before, and it worked out about the same with this attempt. I use the chalkboard to draw out a picture, using simple shapes, and slow steps, and have the kids follow what I do on their own paper.

This is the cat I drew on the board.

Here is Mattie Anne's cat.

And Cohen's cat.

Next we read one of my favorite books, The Cat in the Hat. After reading that book, we had to do a Cat in the Hat craft. I saw this one online, and they used it to work on patterns. I tried that with Cohen and Mattie Anne. They may have got the pattern, or maybe not, but the cats turned out really cute!

Mattie Anne's Cat in the Hat.

Cohen's Cat in the Hat.

Do you know what else starts with the letter C? COOKIES! Yes, Cohen's favorite food (um, maybe cake is his favorite, but they are bascially the same thing...sugar and more sugar).

We made some yummy Peanut Butter Cookies!!


  1. Emily! I love all your homeschooling posts! Even though Tris goes to day-care I still try to do some "learning activities" with her and love to totally steal your creative ideas :) "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"...right??

  2. I'm just now getting to look at this! that picture is great! Mattie Anne loved her day at the Raney school!