Thursday, September 22, 2011

Did Cohen pick up that bunny all by himself?

The Red Barn Farm visited Cohen's school this week. It was lots of fun going to see all the cute animals.

This is our second year to visit the Red Barn Farm, click here to see last year's post.

Here are a few pictures from our fun.

I was very excited to see a goat at the Red Barn Farm, because in our homeschool curriculum, we are on the letter G and we learned a lot about goats the day before this fun day.

And here is Cohen, holding the bunny he picked up all by himself! Such a sweet kid! I'm so happy I did not have to help him hold the bunny this year!


  1. No matter what they tell you, DON'T accept a duck from these people!

  2. What fun!!
    It's great being able to look at this post and last year's post. We can watch him grow!!