Friday, September 2, 2011

Did you ever make it to the beach?

Wow. What a road trip Cohen and I had last week. We were invited to go to the beach, and well, Jace got to go a few weeks ago for Youth Camp, and I felt it was only fair for Cohen and I to have our own little beach vacation.

We decided to take a week off of school and head over to Destin, FL on Monday morning. After spending almost 2 hours packing suitcases and filling up the van, we left around 10am, and the trip should have taken about 5 hours.

Just outside of Slidell, LA, a SUV busted one of his tires, right in front of my van. I stopped to talk to the police, and after about 30 minutes we were back on the road. I was totally shaken. It was by the grace of God that Cohen and I were not injured. We were directly behind this SUV, and I had actually considered passing him just before this happened. Like I said, "totally shaken." After talking to my wonderful husband, Jace, I decided to stop off at the Gulfport Outlet mall to calm down.

Cohen got to love on Buzz while we were there.

While at the outlet mall, Cohen complained that his ear was hurting him. I thought nothing of it, until we got in the car and an hour down the road he's in an all out screaming fit because his ear hurts. After some calls, we found a walk-in clinic in Pensacola, FL. We got there around 3pm, left around 5pm. That was a very long 2 hours! Cohen did not have an ear infection, just some fluids in his ear. The doctor was very kind and gave us some meds and sent us on our way.

Once we were back on the road, the weather started looking bad. Then it really got bad. After my previous experience with the SUV running off the road, I did not want to take any chances. I pulled off and hid at a gas station. A few minutes after finding a great hiding spot, it started hailing. Yep....this trip just keeps getting better.

Around 7:15pm, we finally made it to the beach!! Ugh. What a road trip. Check back later for pictures from our beach trip. Things got much better once we were at the beach.

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