Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Have you ever been on Monkey Hill?

On Labor Day, Jace, Cohen and I met up with some good friends of our, The Safley's, at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans.

We had lots of fun with the animals. I think we saw more animals on this visit to the zoo than all our other visits combined (mostly because Monkey Hill was really cold, and the Aztec ruins were a total mud pit).

Here are a few of the Safley's checking out the elephants.

From the elephants, we moved on to the petting zoo. Cohen loves this part of the zoo! I think he's convinced that the goats and sheep are just like Lucy and Ella...they are about the same size.

This goat was showing off his mad climbing skills! Cohen was very impressed.

I caught this picture from far away (the reason for the fuzziness....I zoomed in a bit so you can see that pig). Cohen is not supposed to stick his finger in there because the pig can bite. I guess he'll learn eventually.

Cohen tried to drag the animals around the petting zoo, just like he does Lucy and Ella at home. These animals were a lot more stubborn!

We moved on to the "kid trap." I'm not sure why I've never played on this before. It was kind of like a crab trap, only much bigger, for the kids.

Moving right along to Monkey Hill...Cohen's favorite part of the zoo. Mattie Anne loved running down the grassy hill right next to the waterfall. Oh if only we could all have a small bit of her energy!

Matt and Lyons visited the lion statue at the top of Monkey Hill.

This was Jace's first time down Monkey Hill...Cohen's a pro by now.

Matt may kill me later for this shot...but I had to post it. He rolled his pants up to play in the water and well I thought it was very much picture worthy!

It was a great trip! For the last picture....little Evans. He was a perfect little angel the entire time we were at the zoo! I can't wait until he's big enough to climb monkey hill with the rest of us...but for now, we will just enjoy his sweet company!

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