Friday, September 16, 2011

What fun M&M activity did you do?

As mentioned in my blog yesterday, Cohen and I did a fun activity with M&M candy. I'm always looking for creative ways to teach Cohen....and anyone that knows Cohen will understandy why candy is really the best way to teach him. Cohen learns the most by eating!

I saw this cute pattern on Pinterest. I think it was actually designed for older kids, because it is a game where you roll the dice, and depending on what number you land, you get that color. I decided that might be a bit too advanced for Cohen, so I just had him match the colors.

Below is the picture from Pinterest (there should be a link at the bottom of the picture).

Here is Cohen's finished rainbow! (there were not enough yellow M&M's in our package to complete the yellow section, so he just used brown M&M's for that part).

He did a great job!! Next he got to eat the M&M's. He's asked to do this activity several times since. I love doing fun learning games that he loves too!

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