Monday, October 31, 2011

What is your favorite season?

My favorite season is Fall. I love the cooler days and fun fall colors. This is the reason I wanted to get married in the month of's one of my favorites!

The week that Cohen and I learned about Farms, we also learned about Fall.

Our first project was painting some fall leaves. I found this fun craft on Pinterest.

Instead of just using construction paper for the leaves, I decided to pull out the easel and have Cohen paint swirls in orange, red and yellow.

During naptime, I took the paper and cut it into the shapes of leaves. Later we used tape to attach the leaves to ribbon and the ribbon to a construction paper circle. I think it turned out pretty cute.

Here's a little closer shot of one of the leaves.

Later we sorted apples and leaves.

Then we worked on patterns with leaves, scarecrows, and apples. Cohen did great with this!!

Now for our reading list for the week...this includes the books we read for Farm and Fall.

Thump, Quack, Moo: A Whacky Adventure by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin
Very Busy Spider, The by Eric Carle
The Barn Party by Nancy Tafuri
The Noisy Noisy Farm by Stephanie Stansbie and Veronica Vasylenko
Mrs. Huggins and Her Hen Hannah by Lydia Dabcovich
No Sleep for the Sheep! by Karen Beaumont and Jackie Urbanovic
Old McDonald Had a Farm by Wendy Straw

The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen and Bernadette Watts
One Potato, Two Potato by Cynthia DeFelice and Andrea U'Ren
I Am a Bunny (A Golden Sturdy Book) by Ole Risom and Richard Scarry
Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert
Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert
Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka
Little Red's Autumn Adventure by Sarah The Duchess of York Ferguson and Sam Williams
I Know It's Autumn by Eileen Spinelli and Nancy Hayashi
Way Down South by Rozanne Lanczak Williams and Jennifer B. Harris
The Monster Under My Bed by Suzanne Gruber and Stephanie McFetridge Britt
Fall by Nicola Baxter and Kim Woolley

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What did Cohen do while you were in Dallas?

As mentioned earlier, Cohen got to spend the weekend with Meme and Big Al (my parents) at their home in Farmerville, LA.

Not only did Cohen get to hang out with his grandparents, he also got to play with some of his favorite cousins!! Meme and Big Al were very brave and agreed to take all 4 grandkids (Alyssa - 11, Ana - 9, Mitch - 5, and Cohen - 3) for the weekend (my sister and her husband also took a vacation to Jackson, MS).

One of the best things about Meme and Big Al's house is they have lots of places to play. They have a huge rock mountain (ok, maybe "huge" is not the right word, but to Cohen, it was pretty big). The kids played here for hours.

Then they took a ride in the Ranger. I was assured that my child never actually rode in the Ranger while Alyssa and Ana were driving. I'm sure they are great drivers, I just don't trust my child to sit still and not distract the driver.

Here they are with the adult driver, Meme.

Meme decided to have a little Halloween party for the kids, and she invited Aunt Mitzi to come to the party.

They painted pumpkins.

Had some yummy snacks.

 And did some face painting.

It looks like one of the kids painted Cohen's face. I think he's just adorable!

Thanks Meme and Big Al (and Aunt Mitzi, Alyssa, Ana, and Mitch) for entertaining my child for the weekend. He's ready to do it again, whenever you are!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Do you like to play in the mud?

Yes. I do.

The real reason we decided to go to Dallas for our anniversary was because they were hosting a Muddy Buddy the weekend prior to our anniversary.

This is a very unique race. You do it in teams of 2. One person starts on the bike (me) and the other runs (Jace). About a mile into the race, the biker (me) drops the bike, does an obstacle, and starts to run. Once the runner (Jace) arrives at the place where you dropped the bike, he does a simliar obstacle, and takes off on the bike. You do this switcharoo thing about 3 more times. The race is a total of about 6 miles, but you each run about 3 and bike 3, so it's a pretty short race.

Jace and I came in 4th in our division (there were 23 teams in our division) with a final time of 55:20. Not too bad!

Here are a few pictures from the race.

Prior to the race, nice and clean.

We brought a disposable, waterproof camera with some of the pictures are not real clear.

This is at the start...can you see me?

During the race, you actually passed each other (because the person on the bike was faster). This is one of those times I passed Jace.

Here's Jace on the top of one of the obstacles!

Here is a shot of the doesn't look like much, but you can't see the rope you have to climb up on the back of that thing! My arms were so sore the next day.

And the wall at the very end (just before the big mud pit).

Here I am coming over the wall.

Now....remember...we were running with a disposable camera. Well, the camera went through the mud pit with us, and like us, did not come out clean. We tried to wash it off, but the pictures are still real blurry...use your imagination.

The nice race folks had waterhoses setup for you to wash the mud off before you got back into your car. Well, we noticed that they were basically just pumping the water from the lake for the waterhoses, so we decided to just go for a swim. This is a shot of me trying to clean off my helmet in the lake. Again, sorry for the terrible shot, the camera did as well as it could for a disposable.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

What else did you do while you were in Dallas?

On Saturday, while we were in Dallas, we purchased tickets to visit Six Flags Over Texas. I had been to this park several times when I was younger, but Jace had never been.

I took one picture of us in the park. I'm failing as a blogger, right?

It's just hard to take pictures of the two of us, when there's not another person to hold the camera.

This picture was taken prior to us riding Mr. Freeze. If you didn't know this already, Jace and I LOVE roller coasters. We enjoyed this ride, and the lines were not bad at the beginning of the day, that we ended up riding it two times in a row, and then coming back to it later (after riding Batman, the NEW Texas Giant, and the Titan).

AND as a special unexpected treat, we got to see some of our good friends from college, Keith and Lisa McGee and their little boy Liam. They were celebrating a "Big Brother" day at the park, and they left little Levi with Grandma. We saw them a few times while we were in the park, and it looked like Liam was having lots of fun. He did mention to me that he was upset that Batman was not there that day...I reminded him that he's probably out saving the world.

After we spent several hours riding roller coasters, we moved on to dinner. We had dinner at Midievel Times. Neither of us had ever been to one of these, so we were very excited. The entire time we were there, we just kept saying, "Cohen would love this." Next time Cohen will come with us!!

Notice, you have no utensils. You must eat everything with your hands. YUM!

We were on the red team...and OUR KNIGHT WON!! YAY!

I would highly recommend this for anyone...old or young, with or without your kids. You will thoroughly enjoy yourself!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Have you ever had a Fried Peanut Butter Pie?

As mentioned earlier, Jace and I went to Dallas, TX for our annual anniversary trip. We arrived on Friday afternoon, and went out to eat that night at a very yummy resturant called Fearings.

It was WONDERFUL! If you are ever in Dallas, and looking for a nice place to eat, you really need to give this place a try.

For our appitizer we split a sampler of:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How many years does this make it?

I still can't believe we've been married for 8 years!! I'm not old enough to be married that long, right? Don't answer that.

Each year for our anniversary, we have tried to take a little trip, some of them have been only a couple of nights, and others have been a week long trip....but with only one exception (#7), we took a trip each year, just the two of us.

If you and your spouse don't have this tradition, may I recommend it for you. It's so nice to get away from everything, just the two of you, and hang out.

For our 8th Anniversary, Jace and I loaded up the minivan, left Cohen with Meme and Big Al and headed over to Dallas, TX. Before I share all about our "Muddy" fun in Dallas, I wanted to share a few things from our past 8 years together.

Here's a list of the fun places we've been...and some old photos to go along with the memories.

Honeymoon - Ouray, CO - October 2003

I had a hard time finding one of the pictures from our honeymoon. We did have a digital camera way back then, but it looks like over the past 8 years, we have lost the digital copy of those pictures. I pulled this picture out of a scrapbook. This picture is actually from Silverton, CO.

1st - Houston, TX - October 2004
I have no pictures from this trip. I was not a blogger then, that's my only excuse.

2nd - Hot Springs, AR - October 2005

3rd - Orlando, FL - October 2006
On this trip, we visited the Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios Islands of Adventure.

4th - Sandusky, OH - October 2007
We visited Cedar Point...I highly recommend this park for any roller coaster fans. Not the most kid friendly theme park, but for the adults, you won't find one much better!!

5th - Cruise from New York to Canada - October 2008
We left out of New York, NY and visited Boston, MA; Portland, OR; St. John, New Brunswick, Canada; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In the picture below, we are on the boat leaving out of New York. It was very foggy that day.

6th - Vladivostok, Russia - October 2009
So, Jace and I were a little preoccupied on this trip and totally forgot to take a picture of just the two of us. I do have this cute one to share...our first family picture!

7th - October 2010
This is the only year, so far, that we have not taken a trip. We only had a certain amount of vacation time for the year, and we managed to use all of it during the month of February (when we went back to Russia to get Cohen). Here is a shot of us, after running the Jazz Half Marathon last October.

8th - Dallas, TX - October 2011
This is just a little peak...check back later for more pictures. We went to Dallas to take part in the Muddy Buddy. Obviously, from our clean outfits, this is prior to the start of the race. Go Team Raney!

It's been a great 8 years!! I'm ready for 100 more just like this!

Monday, October 24, 2011

What lives on a farm?

Last week, Cohen and I had a review week. Our curriculum told us to study farms, and in doing so, we reviewed all our Animal Alphabet Friends that live on farms (Aligator, Bee, Cow, Donkey, Fish, Goat, and Horse).

It was a fun week! I decided to study the farm only one day, and spend time the other days doing some fall crafts. I'll share those crafts later.

We started off by doing some simple puzzles of farm animals. Cohen got really fusterated with this puzzle because they wouldn't stay together. If you do it, maybe have your child glue the pieces to a sheet of construction paper. (If you would like to get your own copy of these wonderful printables, please visit 2TeachingMommies).

We sorted tractors, smallest to largest.

We also worked with our Unifix cubes. I gave Cohen a card that had a certain number of items on it. He was instructed to count the objects on the card, and put that same number of Unifix cubes on that paper. He did great!!

We did some pre-writing exercises too, but I forgot to take pictures of those. Check back later for our Fall fun and the weeks reading list.