Friday, October 28, 2011

Do you like to play in the mud?

Yes. I do.

The real reason we decided to go to Dallas for our anniversary was because they were hosting a Muddy Buddy the weekend prior to our anniversary.

This is a very unique race. You do it in teams of 2. One person starts on the bike (me) and the other runs (Jace). About a mile into the race, the biker (me) drops the bike, does an obstacle, and starts to run. Once the runner (Jace) arrives at the place where you dropped the bike, he does a simliar obstacle, and takes off on the bike. You do this switcharoo thing about 3 more times. The race is a total of about 6 miles, but you each run about 3 and bike 3, so it's a pretty short race.

Jace and I came in 4th in our division (there were 23 teams in our division) with a final time of 55:20. Not too bad!

Here are a few pictures from the race.

Prior to the race, nice and clean.

We brought a disposable, waterproof camera with some of the pictures are not real clear.

This is at the start...can you see me?

During the race, you actually passed each other (because the person on the bike was faster). This is one of those times I passed Jace.

Here's Jace on the top of one of the obstacles!

Here is a shot of the doesn't look like much, but you can't see the rope you have to climb up on the back of that thing! My arms were so sore the next day.

And the wall at the very end (just before the big mud pit).

Here I am coming over the wall.

Now....remember...we were running with a disposable camera. Well, the camera went through the mud pit with us, and like us, did not come out clean. We tried to wash it off, but the pictures are still real blurry...use your imagination.

The nice race folks had waterhoses setup for you to wash the mud off before you got back into your car. Well, we noticed that they were basically just pumping the water from the lake for the waterhoses, so we decided to just go for a swim. This is a shot of me trying to clean off my helmet in the lake. Again, sorry for the terrible shot, the camera did as well as it could for a disposable.

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