Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How many years does this make it?

I still can't believe we've been married for 8 years!! I'm not old enough to be married that long, right? Don't answer that.

Each year for our anniversary, we have tried to take a little trip, some of them have been only a couple of nights, and others have been a week long trip....but with only one exception (#7), we took a trip each year, just the two of us.

If you and your spouse don't have this tradition, may I recommend it for you. It's so nice to get away from everything, just the two of you, and hang out.

For our 8th Anniversary, Jace and I loaded up the minivan, left Cohen with Meme and Big Al and headed over to Dallas, TX. Before I share all about our "Muddy" fun in Dallas, I wanted to share a few things from our past 8 years together.

Here's a list of the fun places we've been...and some old photos to go along with the memories.

Honeymoon - Ouray, CO - October 2003

I had a hard time finding one of the pictures from our honeymoon. We did have a digital camera way back then, but it looks like over the past 8 years, we have lost the digital copy of those pictures. I pulled this picture out of a scrapbook. This picture is actually from Silverton, CO.

1st - Houston, TX - October 2004
I have no pictures from this trip. I was not a blogger then, that's my only excuse.

2nd - Hot Springs, AR - October 2005

3rd - Orlando, FL - October 2006
On this trip, we visited the Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios Islands of Adventure.

4th - Sandusky, OH - October 2007
We visited Cedar Point...I highly recommend this park for any roller coaster fans. Not the most kid friendly theme park, but for the adults, you won't find one much better!!

5th - Cruise from New York to Canada - October 2008
We left out of New York, NY and visited Boston, MA; Portland, OR; St. John, New Brunswick, Canada; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In the picture below, we are on the boat leaving out of New York. It was very foggy that day.

6th - Vladivostok, Russia - October 2009
So, Jace and I were a little preoccupied on this trip and totally forgot to take a picture of just the two of us. I do have this cute one to share...our first family picture!

7th - October 2010
This is the only year, so far, that we have not taken a trip. We only had a certain amount of vacation time for the year, and we managed to use all of it during the month of February (when we went back to Russia to get Cohen). Here is a shot of us, after running the Jazz Half Marathon last October.

8th - Dallas, TX - October 2011
This is just a little peak...check back later for more pictures. We went to Dallas to take part in the Muddy Buddy. Obviously, from our clean outfits, this is prior to the start of the race. Go Team Raney!

It's been a great 8 years!! I'm ready for 100 more just like this!

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