Saturday, October 29, 2011

What did Cohen do while you were in Dallas?

As mentioned earlier, Cohen got to spend the weekend with Meme and Big Al (my parents) at their home in Farmerville, LA.

Not only did Cohen get to hang out with his grandparents, he also got to play with some of his favorite cousins!! Meme and Big Al were very brave and agreed to take all 4 grandkids (Alyssa - 11, Ana - 9, Mitch - 5, and Cohen - 3) for the weekend (my sister and her husband also took a vacation to Jackson, MS).

One of the best things about Meme and Big Al's house is they have lots of places to play. They have a huge rock mountain (ok, maybe "huge" is not the right word, but to Cohen, it was pretty big). The kids played here for hours.

Then they took a ride in the Ranger. I was assured that my child never actually rode in the Ranger while Alyssa and Ana were driving. I'm sure they are great drivers, I just don't trust my child to sit still and not distract the driver.

Here they are with the adult driver, Meme.

Meme decided to have a little Halloween party for the kids, and she invited Aunt Mitzi to come to the party.

They painted pumpkins.

Had some yummy snacks.

 And did some face painting.

It looks like one of the kids painted Cohen's face. I think he's just adorable!

Thanks Meme and Big Al (and Aunt Mitzi, Alyssa, Ana, and Mitch) for entertaining my child for the weekend. He's ready to do it again, whenever you are!

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