Thursday, October 27, 2011

What else did you do while you were in Dallas?

On Saturday, while we were in Dallas, we purchased tickets to visit Six Flags Over Texas. I had been to this park several times when I was younger, but Jace had never been.

I took one picture of us in the park. I'm failing as a blogger, right?

It's just hard to take pictures of the two of us, when there's not another person to hold the camera.

This picture was taken prior to us riding Mr. Freeze. If you didn't know this already, Jace and I LOVE roller coasters. We enjoyed this ride, and the lines were not bad at the beginning of the day, that we ended up riding it two times in a row, and then coming back to it later (after riding Batman, the NEW Texas Giant, and the Titan).

AND as a special unexpected treat, we got to see some of our good friends from college, Keith and Lisa McGee and their little boy Liam. They were celebrating a "Big Brother" day at the park, and they left little Levi with Grandma. We saw them a few times while we were in the park, and it looked like Liam was having lots of fun. He did mention to me that he was upset that Batman was not there that day...I reminded him that he's probably out saving the world.

After we spent several hours riding roller coasters, we moved on to dinner. We had dinner at Midievel Times. Neither of us had ever been to one of these, so we were very excited. The entire time we were there, we just kept saying, "Cohen would love this." Next time Cohen will come with us!!

Notice, you have no utensils. You must eat everything with your hands. YUM!

We were on the red team...and OUR KNIGHT WON!! YAY!

I would highly recommend this for anyone...old or young, with or without your kids. You will thoroughly enjoy yourself!

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