Monday, October 24, 2011

What lives on a farm?

Last week, Cohen and I had a review week. Our curriculum told us to study farms, and in doing so, we reviewed all our Animal Alphabet Friends that live on farms (Aligator, Bee, Cow, Donkey, Fish, Goat, and Horse).

It was a fun week! I decided to study the farm only one day, and spend time the other days doing some fall crafts. I'll share those crafts later.

We started off by doing some simple puzzles of farm animals. Cohen got really fusterated with this puzzle because they wouldn't stay together. If you do it, maybe have your child glue the pieces to a sheet of construction paper. (If you would like to get your own copy of these wonderful printables, please visit 2TeachingMommies).

We sorted tractors, smallest to largest.

We also worked with our Unifix cubes. I gave Cohen a card that had a certain number of items on it. He was instructed to count the objects on the card, and put that same number of Unifix cubes on that paper. He did great!!

We did some pre-writing exercises too, but I forgot to take pictures of those. Check back later for our Fall fun and the weeks reading list.

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  1. That little brain is "justa" working! I love it.