Saturday, November 12, 2011

Are you hungry?

We had another wonderful time Trick or Treating in our lovely neighborhood once again this year.

If this looks a little like our hamburger from last year, you would be correct. As much as I tried to change his mind, Cohen would have no part in any other costume on Halloween Night. He wanted to be a he got his wish.

To try to make it look a little different this year, I spiked up his hair. So cute!

Our good friends, the Safley's, met us in our neighborhood and walked the block with us. Looks like Cohen is about to hit Lyons with that bucket...that kid is nuts!

Lyons is Aladdin.

His big sister, Mattie Anne, is Jasmine, and little brother, Evans, is Abu.

The first house we visited was our good friends The Millets!

Here are a couple of group shots of Cohen and all his friends.

We made our way around the neighborhood.

I love this picture...looks like someone was getting hungry, and that hamburger looked mighty tasty!

This lady dresses up every year as a witch. Cohen, Mattie Anne, and Lyons weren't real sure what to think at first, but when she started passing out candy, they were her best friend.

Here is Cohen with all his candy!! It was another great year! Can't wait to do it again next year...I wonder if Cohen will want to be a hamburger again?

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